"Probablilities direct the conduct of the wise man."

About us

Sinclair Associates was founded in 1993 by Dr Dennis Sinclair. Starting out as a consultancy specialising in statistical analysis and quality management, the company has evolved into Australia's premier source for Six Sigma training and implementation support. Our client base includes many of Australia's largest organisations in both the private and public sectors.

We are very results-oriented, and work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are clearly understood and met. We take great pride in our reputation of delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Our full range of products and services cover Six Sigma deployment, statistical consulting, organisational performance measurement, the Balanced Scorecard, process management, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Design of Experiments (DOE).

Six Sigma is geared tightly to improving the bottom line through saving costs, reducing defects and errors, and improving throughput efficiency. But we emphasise strongly in our work with clients that they should never lose sight of the customer. Improvement must be customer-driven. A key principle in all our consulting work is:

We concentrate on improving critical processes, using the power of the workforce applying their experience and the tools of Six Sigma. The result is an improved outcome for the customer externally, a smoother-running operation internally, and a significantly enhanced bottom line.

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