"Statistics … the most important science in the whole world: for upon it depends the
practical application of every other science and of every art; the one science
essential to all political and social administration, all education, all
organisation based upon experience, for it only gives the results of
our experience."
Florence Nightingale

Products and Services

We do not shy away from statistics at Sinclair Associates. Nor do we apply statistical methods for their own sake. We believe strongly in the need for relevant data to drive business decisions, and relevant statistical tools to aid in that decision making. Fortunately we have progressed from Florence Nightingale's day, where all data collation and analysis needed to be painstakingly done by hand. We have easy-to-use software, such as Minitab or JMP, to do the work for us, and allow us to make the best use of the available data. In our Six Sigma training workshops, for example, Minitab is used extensively by the participants, so that they quickly become proficient in applying the Six Sigma tools to their own projects and processes.

We offer seminars, workshops and consulting services in the following areas:

Six Sigma

  • Organisational assessments
  • Deployment planning
  • Executive Workshop (2 days)
  • Champion Workshop (2-3 days)
  • Black Belt Training (4 weeks)
  • Green Belt training (2 weeks)
  • Project mentoring
  • Design for Six Sigma


Statistical Consulting

  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Data presentation
  • Graphical techniques
  • Report writing
  • Statistical thinking
  • Sample surveys


Organisational Performance Measurement

  • Current assessment and needs analysis
  • Measurement system analysis
  • Report design
  • Automated reporting
  • Key performance indicators
  • The Balanced Scorecard
  • Cascading performance measures

Statistical Process Control

  • Control charting
  • Basic statistical tools
  • Root cause analysis
  • Understanding variation
  • Process capability


Design of Experiments

  • The scientific method
  • Factorial designs
  • Fractional factorial designs
  • Response surface designs
  • Graphical analysis


Process Management

  • Process thinking
  • Identifying key business processes
  • Process map
  • Process tree
  • Flow chart
  • Re-engineering
  • Systems thinking

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